The First Goat of the Month, 2104 – Quinoa


Moon rising from goat head

Quinoa has been lobbying long and hard to be selected as goat of the month. She has tried everything from being a super-sweet, top milk producer to going as far as baking goat berry pies for the staff.  Its not that we think that she is not deserving of such an honor. We just have concerns that as young as she is, she may not be able to handle all of the fame and end up going all Miley Cyrus on us. That’s just what we need is her up on stage at the ADGMA (American Dairy Goat Music Association) Award Ceremony dancing around and well, you know the rest!


What finally convinced us she could handle the notoriety was when we discovered that the moon rises out of her head.  (No photo retouch, we promise.)  We were left with no choice but to bestow the illustrious honor of the first goat of the month for 2014 to Quinoa.

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