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Local Heroes: Spring  2015,  Edible Aspen Magazine
Story by Nelson Harvey
Photos by Guadalupe Laiz
Local Heroes Awards:
Every year, our readers vote online to nominate six noteworthy local food change-makers

Market Share: Holiday  2015,  Aspen Sojourner Magazine
Story by Amanda Rae
Photos by Jim Paussa
When Wendy Mitchell
sold her burrito franchise in Texas

Culture Magazine: Autumn  2014,  by Amanda Rae Busch,
Photos by Ashley Davis Tilly

Not Just Kidding

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Aspen Modern Luxury Magazine: Summer  2014, Food and Drink by Laura Werlin, Photos by Chris Council/Emily Chaplin
Homage to Fromage

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Aspen Times Newspaper: July 16, 2013 by Stewart Oksenhorn, Photos by Patrick Ghidossi/The Aspen Times
How much Avalanche Cheese can people eat?
BASALT – How did Darren Ryan, a food distributor in San Francisco, manage to get Avalanche Cheese in his line of products? According to Wendy Mitchell, the owner/cheese-maker of Basalt-based Avalanche, it was a combination of luck and perseverance.
>> More on Avalanche Cheese

Aspen Times Newspaper: July 14, 2013 by Joni Keefe, Photos by Ashley Davis Tilly/Special to The Aspen Times
Cheese-making is a year-round venture

Like ranching and farming, the work of a cheese-maker is seven days a week. The years schedule is written by nature and pauses only for a seasonal change. In the transition to winter, the rhythm will slow just enough for a break from the day-to-day grind and maintenance.
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Aspen Times Newspaper: July 9, 2013 by by Joni Keefe, Photos by Ashley Davis Tilly/Special to The Aspen Times
Meet your local food producers

Whole Foods Market and Ann About Aspen will present the first “Local Food Elevated” from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday.
This event showcases chefs, wineries and locally sourced food. With a simple RSVP (go to, entrance is free.
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Aspen Times Newspaper: June, 23 2013 by By Joni Keefe
Roaring Fork Valley outdoor markets come alive in the summer
When I hear the words “farmers market,” I think, “When and where?” This absolutely is a favorite pastime for me, whether it is local or while traveling. It is here that I feel like a true local chatting with venders and tasting the foods that are an integral part of their life and region.
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Aspen Times Newspaper: May 9, 2013 by Jeanne McGovern, Photos by Laura Sugaski
The Aspen Times Weekly: Cheese (and charcuterie), please
In this edition of The Aspen Times Weekly, we delve into the heart and soul of making delicious cheese at Wendy Mitchell’s Avalanche Cheese Company.
Get all that and more!
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The Local’s Show – ‘The Cheesy Show’ with Erik Skarvan and Wendy Mitchell
>>  GrassRoots Community TV

Colorado Life Magazine: January/February 2013 by Carri Wilbanks, photos by Chris Council & Emily Chaplin
“Wendy Mitchell is the accidental goat farmer.  She started Avalanche Cheese Co. in Basalt because she wanted to make gourmet goat cheese, but she needed milk to make that cheese, and she needed a heard of 200 dairy goats to produce the milk.”
>> The Accidental Goat Farmers of Avalanche Cheese

5280 Denver Magazine : o9: 2012  by Amanda M. Faison
Food Lover’s Guide to Denver

“Local first, sustainable second, organic third.” Celebrity chef Hugh Acheson’s simple food philosophy can, and should, be a guiding light for all of us. Here in Denver, we’re lucky to have a devoted group of people dedicated to local, sustainable, organic—and just plain good—food. Dig into the stories on the following pages, then get out there and taste the difference community makes.
>>5280 Denver Magazine for more info

Huffington Post, Huff Food Pist : o2: 28: 2012  by Garrett McCord
The Cheeses You’ve Never Heard Of (But Should Try Immediately)

There are plenty of engaging artisanal and farmstead cheeses out there and more people are discovering the real variety coming from not just around the world, but within their own states and counties. Good cheeses are like a well-crafted street drug; it leaves you lucid and it only takes a taste before you find yourself clawing for more. A good goat’s milk trip is hard to shake and it’s not uncommon to rip into the next piece you get with all the desire and fury of an Anne Rice protagonist.

AspenPeak Magazine 2011, Winter issue : by AspenPeak
“At the Viceroy, we use goat cheese from Avalanche Cheese Company, a
local business with an excellent selection of chevres.—Will Nolan, chef de cuisine
at Eight K at the Viceroy Snowmass. (page 102)
AspenPeak Magazine for more info

SF Gate Home of San Fransisco Chronicle :12:25:2011 by Janet Fletcher
Going from burrito entrepreneur to cheesemaker is not an obvious career path, but Wendy Mitchell has managed the transition swiftly.
  San Fransisco Chronical for more info (pdf)

SF Weekly Blogs :12:27:2011 by Jonathan Kauffman
SFoodie is calling up food types around the city to ask them about their favorite discovery of the past year, whether it’s new or ancient, an ingredient or a person. We’ll be running their responses through the end of the year.
>> SF Weekly More

Aspen Time, Aspen Colorado : 06:17:2011 by Stewart Oksenhorn
“How did Darren Ryan, a food distributor in San Francisco, manage to get Avalanche Cheese in his line of products? According to Wendy Mitchell, the owner/cheese-maker of Basalt-based Avalanche, it was a combination of luck and perseverance. “He called me up and wouldn’t stop calling. Finally, he got me on a good day,” Mitchell said….”
Aspen Time June 17th, 2011 – How much Avalanche Cheese can a person eat? (pdf)

VOGA Profiles, Avalanche Cheese : 5:11:2011 by Ari Brocious
“In the VOGA farmer series, Ariana Brocious spoke with Wendy Mitchell of Avalanche Farm and Dairy, who has her goat farm in Paonia but makes the cheese in the Roaring Fork Valley.”
>> Listen to the interview

The Aspen Times, Aspen Colorado : 06.18.09 by Stewart Oksenhorn
“ASPEN — Foodies — chefs, producers, winemakers, purveyors, journalists — have come from far and wide across the country to participate in the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, which opens Friday. No doubt, much of the weekend conversation — over New Zealand lamb and Tuscan reds — will be about the importance of local produce. In that spirit, we celebrate a handful of locals — a cheese-maker, a chef, a restaurateur and a distributor of organic farm goods — making a difference in the way Aspen enjoys its food….”
>> Aspen Times article about Avalanche Cheese Company (pdf)

edibleAspen, Aspen Colorado : Winter 2010 by Stewart Oksenhorn : photographs by Jim Paussa
“In 2006, Wendy Mitchell traveled throughout Scotland learning to make cheese. She hopped from one creamery to the next, taking workshops or offering her labor in exchange for inside knowledge about curds and whey — and those legendary Scottish cheddar’s. She discovered that making cheese is the product of a precise science and not an intuitive art. To be an expert cheesemaker is to be part microbiologist, part mechanical engineer and part weather girl, all of which was not unexpected. What Mitchell didn’t anticipate was that back in Colorado, she would also have to be a farmer….”
>> edibleAspen article about Wendy Mitchell and Avalanche Cheese Company (pdf)


Avalanche Cheese Farmers Market Avalanche Cheese at the
Telluride Farmers’ Market. 

Telluride’s pivot News – Food & Sustainability Features Avalanche Cheese
>> Watch the show (get the player)
Grassroot TV The Goat Cheese Show - The Bravo Kitchen Grassroots TV : 09:29:2011 : The Bravo Kitchen
“Bravo Fine Catering and GrassRoots Community TV present: The Bravo Kitchen with Jimmy Nadell ‘The Goat Cheese Show’ Featuring guest chef Wendy Mitchell”
>> Watch the show (get the player)
Click to watch Plum TV Aspen Saturday Market Plum TV : 08:07:2011 : Aspen Farmers Market
“The Aspen Farmer’s Market has a huge assortment of local, organic produce, cheeses, honey and bread to other unique items from hard ciders to skin care products.”
>> Watch the video
Click to view the video of Nat King on Plum TV Plum TV : 12:22:2009 : Holiday Appetizers with Nat King of Cache Cache
“Nate King, executive sous chef of Cache Cache in Aspen, stops by Top Of The Mountain to show us a new twist on a holiday classic: The Christmas Ham. Through creative use of prosciutto, toasted brioche & goat cheese (from the Avalanche Cheese Company), Chef King builds a delicious appetizer that is sure to please at holiday parties.”
>> Watch the video



2013 American Cheese Society (ACS)

1st Place – Midnight Blue
3rd Place – Hand Bandaged Goat Cheddar
3rd Place – Lamborn Bloomers Cheddar

2012 American Cheese Society (ACS)

1st Place – Hand Bandaged Goat Cheddar
2nd Place – Midnight Blue
3rd Place – Reserve Hand Bandaged Goat Cheddar (aged more than one year)


2011 American Cheese Society (ACS)

Third Place Winner – Hand Bandaged Goat Cheddar Third Place Winner – Midnight Blue

Local Hero 2010 Award Winner


Each fall, edibleASPEN asks its readers to vote for those who are making a difference in the local food community. Avalanche Cheese was the winner of both the 2010 and 2011 food artisan award. Read More (winners page – pdf)

2012 Good Food Winner

The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced. We grant awards to outstanding American food producers and the farmers who provide their ingredients. We honor the Good Food Award recipients who push their industries towards craftsmanship and sustainability while enhancing our agricultural landscape and building strong communities. Read More (winners announced)