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Girls on Grass

Apparently the Socialist mentality has taken over the farm this July. Bob and the crew have decided to recognize the entire milking herd instead of acknowledging just one goat. I guess those team-building workshops are really paying off.

Here are a few words from Bob:

Few people realize how hard these ladies work, or are aware of all of the personal sacrifices necessary to make milk every day. The energy output to make milk is the equivalent of racing in the Tour de France 24/7 365 days a year and these girls are riding clean! They convert Grass, water and a little bit of grain into over a gallon of milk per day without complaint and always carry themselves with utmost of grace and composure. These girls work two shifts a day every day, are always on time and do it with a smile on their face. In the months of January and February when they are “off” they are pregnant, still racing the Tour daily. So, this 4th of July when you are kicking back having wine, goat cheese and enjoying the fireworks, remember that somewhere over in Paonia a herd of goats are “leaving it all out on the road” to make it happen.

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