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Cabra Blanca

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

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  • Chevre– A mild, creamy, fresh goat milk cheese.
  • Garlic and Basil Chevre Spread – Fresh Chevre mixed with organic basil, garlic and a dash of red pepper flakes.
  • Truffled Honey and Lemon Chevre Spread – Fresh Chevre scented with a hint of white truffle oil and mixed with local, organic honey and lemon zest.
  • Lamborn Bloomers – Soft-ripened Robiola style cheese, aged just over a month, with a silky, well-balanced interior wrapped in a beautiful white-molded rind. While most Robiolas are a blend of milks, this cheese is all goat.
  • Goat Cheddar – Hand bandaged and aged for six or twelve months,this cheese is made in the style of the traditional British cheddars with goats’ milk. 
  • Midnight Blue– Beautiful blue-gray veins run wild in this well-balanced, raw milk, goat blue cheese aged for two to four months.
  • Cabra Blanca – Aged semi soft goat cheese with a lacy pate and slight citrus notes.


  • Avalanche Farm and Dairy Pork and Goat Sausages ­ – Frozen link sausages made with a combination of our goat meat and pork. These nicely seasoned sausages are mild enough for breakfast. Sausage is processed in a local USDA approved facility and packaged 4 links to a one pound package

Photos courtesy of Jim Paussa