e-Harmony for Goats?

GOTM Eggnog

September Goat of the Month

GOTM for September is Eggnog. Eggnog is one of the O.G.s that has been with Avalanche from the beginning days. At 10 years old, she is the oldest goat in the herd. She is retired from a career in milking and now spends most of her days lying high on a hill. From there she can see out over the entire farm where she can look to the south and see many of her daughters and granddaughters who are still in the milking string. As her gaze drifts northward she is rewarded with a view of her great; great, great; and great, great, great grandkids hopping around and playing in the pastures below. She tries not to look west, which is where her no good, two-timing, stinky ex-husband and his buddies live.

She fills most of her free time knitting booties out of bailing twine, playing bridge with the gals and occasionally a round of shuffleboard. Rumor has it that when Bob goes home she’s been sneaking onto the Internet and tooling around on e-Harmony. We’re willing to turn a blind eye. She’s an awesome goat.

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