Intern Program

Avalanche Farm and Dairy is a 130-acre farm dedicated to sustainable farming practices.  The farm is located in Paonia, Colorado. We raise a mixed herd of Saanen, Alpine and Nubian goats, as well as pastured Chester White pigs – a Heritage Breed – and pastured chickens.  While we have been in the farming business for a short time, we have a wealth of information we hope to share with new farmers. At Avalanche we consider ourselves stewards of the land and the animals that we raise on the land. We want to share our practices with others to create a world that cares about its food source as well as the environment.

Avalanche has two internship positions available each kidding season. Details about the program follow.

Kidding Season Internship
March 1 – June 1

Three-month program includes housing and a stipend.


  • Assistance with maternity, nursery and maternity night checks.
  • Minimum of 45 – 60 hours per week, with two consecutive days off.  (Most likely days off will not be on Saturday and Sunday.)
  • Assistance with all aspects of dairy farm life, including vet practices, milking, kidding, nursery, irrigation, planting, harvesting, composting and general farm projects.
  • Two applicants will be accepted each year.
  • Candidates must commit fully to the kidding season (March – June.)  No long weekends or requests for additional time off will be granted.

We are looking for candidates who are interested in farming and dairying as a career. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license. Experience with farm machinery is a plus. Interested candidates should submit a written essay detailing their experience and why they are interested in pursuing an internship with Avalanche Farm and Dairy to Bob Isaacson.  Applications will be reviewed and candidates interviewed and selected in January of each year for that year’s program.