Farm Life

Marsh Harbor is Goat of the Month

February’s Goat of the Month is Marsh Harbor.  This beautiful goat is really looking forward to becoming a milking doe this spring.  Every morning when the gate swings open and the rest of the herd sprints to their breakfast buffet this sweetie will always stop for a quick pet and a scratch before she is on …

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Farewell, Old Friend

Yesterday we said good-bye to the #1 Avalanche buck, Zorro. He came to our farm six years ago with his brother, Charlie Chan.  From day one, Zorro knew his job on the farm, and excelled at his work.  We loved this sweet guy with all of our hearts and will miss him dearly. Below, a …

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Grisham the Reluctant Leader

Grisham is our new Goat of the Month.  Her subjects would like Grisham to take on the roll of Herd Queen. They have held votes, built a throne, made a floral crown, and even tried to bribe her with oat cakes and sweet alfalfa bread, all to no avail. Grisham simply refuses to take on a leadership role. She would …

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The Goat of the Month is a Pig

Juju was imported to Paonia from the East Coast.  While he’s a great guy, the mud in his hooves has prevented him from getting the most out of  We felt sharing a look at his latest personal ad in the High Country Shopper would give you  insight into why we think he deserves to …

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Hen-n-Chick wins Goat of the Month by a Landslide

Oftentimes, when a doe is elected Goat of the Month, they have a tendency to go all “Lindsay Lohan” on us: Late night parties, coming to work hung-over, body piercings, and ungroomed coats. This month’s Goat of the Month,  however, isn’t at risk for trotting down the dark road of destruction. Hen-n-Chick has always been a bit …

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Gardenia Channels Esther Williams

Gardenia is the June and July GOTM (because I got a little behind in my blogging).  She’s a very outgoing, two year-old Saanen/Nubian sweetie.  When the long, hot, dog days of summer settle in, she can be found down at Crawford Reservoir every day after her morning milking shift. There, Gardenia can be found waterskiing  and …

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