Handmade Artisan Goat Cheese - The Avalanche Cheese Company, Colorado

Click to view a selection of Goats cheese recipesAvalanche Cheese Company was founded to supply the restaurants and shops of the Roaring Fork Valley with beautiful, hand-crafted goat cheeses. Our products include pasteurized fresh cheeses and aged, raw milk cheeses. The milk comes from our Saanen, Alpine, and Nubian goats, who live in pasture on our 130-acre farm and dairy in Paonia, Colorado.

Paonia is an oasis of orchards, family farms, and small dairies nestled between McClure Pass and the town of Delta. By raising our animals in a humane way, on quality forage, they provide us with high-quality milk that we turn into delicious cheeses for our customers.

Over time, we hope to achieve organic status at our farm. We don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and we feed our animals non-GMO grain and hay to supplement their diet. Organic certification takes time, and we’re working toward that goal. You can, however,  know that when you buy our products, you’re getting hormone- and chemical-free cheeses.